Final program

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Opening ceremony: Introduction

Authorities, Gianmaria Ajani, Marco Gilli, Pierdomenico Perata, Ezio Ghigo, Roberto Albera, Mario Morino (Italy)

S1 – 1st John Wickham Memorial

Lecture: Biorobotics and Bionics – science, technology and social challenges
Paolo Dario (Italy)
Chair: Mario Morino (Italy)

9.45-11.00 LONDRA HALL

S2 – Artificial Intelligence technology & Surgery

Andreas Melzer (Germany)

Brynjulf Ystgaard (Norway)

09.45 AI technology for improved safety in the OR

Joris Jaspers (The Netherlands)

10.00 AI to improve the workflow in the OR- fully integrated OR – the German OR network

Thomas Neumuth (Germany)

10.15 Advanced concepts for medical robot systems: information into action

Gernot Kronreif (Austria)

10.30 Emerging Technologies in Surgery

Richard Satava (USA)

10.45 The death of surgery as we know it

Amir Szold (Israel)

9.45-11.00 MADRID HALL

S12 – DENTAL@SMIT2017: Technological and biotechnological innovations in dentistry

Stefano Carossa (Italy)

Nicola Scotti (Italy)

09.45 Keynote: Virtual surgical planning and navigation assisted by piezosurgery in oro-maxillofacial field

Massimo Robiony (Italy)

10.15 Keynote: Novel technologies and relevant know-how for customizing grafts and biomaterials in bone tissue engineering

Federico Mussano (Italy)

9.45-11.00 LISBONA HALL

S22 – Bioinspired medical devices for innovative medicine

Harald Fischer (Germany)

Kaspar Althoefer (UK)

09.45 Keynote: Building on Bioinspiration: a basis for novel medical devices

Donald Martin (France)

10.10 Keynote: Bioresorbable Zn Stent

Ernst Nennig (Germany)

10.35 Keynote: Nanostructured diagnostic devices that integrate with body systems

Donald Martin (France)


11.30-12.30 LONDRA HALL

S3 – Actuators and Mechanisms for novel medical tools

Jenny Danklemann (The Netherlands)

Pietro Valdastri (UK)

11.30 Keynote: Needles and image Guidance for percutaneous interventions

John van den Dobbelsteen (The Netherlands)

11.50 O48: A lockable steerable needle for the TIPS procedure

Tonke L de Jong (The Netherlands)

12.00 O117: Ultra-thin steerable needle: an experimental prototype

Marta Scali, Paulien Veldhoven, Paul Henselmans, Dimitra Dodou, Paul Breedveld (The Netherlands)

12.10 O46: Minimally invasive prenatal closure of spina bifida

Lisette Tas, John Van Den Dobbelsteen, Dick Oepkes, Alex Edgink (The Netherlands)

12.20 O150: Low Melting Point Alloy Based Stiffening of a Soft Robot

Haider Abidi, Alice Tonazzini, Matteo Cianchetti, Dario Floreano, Arianna Menciassi (Italy)

11.30-12.30 MADRID HALL

S13 – DENTAL@SMIT2017: Technological and biotechnological innovations in dentistry.

Elio Berutti (Italy)

Massimo Robiony (Italy)

11.30 Keynote: Design and virtual validation of the most updated technologies in endodontics

Giorgio Chiandussi (Italy)

12.00 Keynote: Adhesive materials and digital technologies

Nicola Scotti (Italy)

11.30-12.30 LISBONA HALL

S23 – New tools for operative endoscopy

Marc O Schurr (Germany)

Harald Fischer (Germany)

11.30 Over-the-scope-clip for bleeding, leak & fistula of the digestive tract

Raffaele Manta (Italy)

11.50 Over-the-scope-clip for proctology indications

Riccardo Naspetti (Italy)

12.10 Full-Thickness-Resection-Device for lesions in the colon-rectum: data from 500 registry cases

Marc O. Schurr (Germany)


13.30-14.00 LONDRA HALL

S4 – John Abele Lecture: Design and testing of innovative MR Molecular Imaging reporters
Silvio Aime (Italy)

Chair: Gianluca Ciardelli (Italy)

14.00-15.15 LONDRA HALL

S5 – Image Guided Surgery

Joachim Kettenbach (Austria)

Andreas Melzer (Germany)

14.00 Keynote: Ultrasound methods and guidance systems for surgery

Thomas Lango (Norway)

14.15 Keynote: High Performance soft-tissue Navigation, an Introduction to the EU-project HiPerNav

Ole Jakob Elle (Norway)

14.25 Integrate multimodality hybrid operating rooms to advance outcomes in image guided surgery

Amilcar Alzaga (Germany)

14.35 O7: 3D tongue model construction and the motion regeneration

Mukai Nobuhiko, T. Ishizu, K. Mori, Y. Takei, and H. Yamada (Japan)

14.45 O35: Additive manufacturing for gynaecological brachytherapy: custom-fit applicators based on MRI data

Nick J. van de Berg, Rianne C. Laan, Remi A. Nout (The Netherlands)

14.55 O103: Mechanical catheter navigation with electromagnetic tracking to peripheral airway targets

Fabian Trauzettel, Hermann Alexander Jaeger, Marcus Kennedy, Padraig Cantillon-Murphy (Ireland), Erlend Fagertun Ofstad, Hakon Olav Leira, Thomas Lango, (Norway)

15.05 O125: Rectal Cancer Segmentation with Fully Convolutional Neural Network

Joohyung Lee, Ji Eun Oh, Min Ju Kim, Bo Yun Hur, Dae Kyung Sohn (Korea)

14.00-15.15 MADRID HALL

S14 – Capsule endoscopy

Pietro Valdastri (UK)

Marco Pennazio (Italy)

14.00 O116: Wireless Endoscopic Capsule for Early Screening of Colorectal Cancer – Contributions by the WiBEC Project

Salman Mahmood (Germany)

14.10 O106: Detection of acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding with the HemoPill acute – a prospective study

Melanie Zimmermann, Sebastian Schostek, Mario Fode, Jan Keller, Michael Melbert, Romi Hartmann, Artur Schmidt, Karel Caca, Marc O. Schurr, Thomas Gottwald (Germany)

14.20 O118: Wireless HD Imaging for Minimal Invasive Surgery

Yoav Mintz, Nikolai Kunicher, Noam Livneh, Ronit Brodie, Vered B. Bracha (Israel)

14.30 O61: Post-lymphangiographic multidetector CT for preclinical lymphatic interventions in rabbits

Tomohiro Matsumoto, Kosuke Tomita, Shunto Maegawa, Takako Nakamura, Tetsuya Suzuki, Terumitsu Hasebe (Japan)

14.40 O27: An intuitive disposable endoscope with intrinsic pneumatic actuation

Nicolo Garbin, Long Wang, Dennis Sohn, Keith L. Obstein, Nabil Simaan (USA), Pietro Valdastri (UK)

14.50 O131: Sensorized capsule endoscope for closed-loop magnetic navigation and safe tissue interaction

Renato Caliò, Domenico Camboni, Joan Ortega Alcaide, Calogero Maria Oddo, Mariachiara Carrozza, Arianna Menciassi, Gastone Ciuti, Paolo Dario (Italy)

14.00-15.15 LISBONA HALL

S24 – New tech for advanced therapies

Michele Diana (Italy)

Joris Jaspers (The Netherlands)

14.00 Keynote: New Technologies in Surgery and Technology Enhanced Learning

Calin Tiu (Romania)

14.15 O97: Pre-clinical validation of open-source airway navigation using Anser EMT and CUSTUSx

Herman Alexander Jaeger, Fabian Trauzettel, Marcus Kennedy, Padraig Cantillon-Murphy (Ireland), Erlend Fagertun Ofstad, Hakon Olav Leira, Thomas Lango (Norway)

14.25 O87: Experimental Chitosan membranes applied on the peri-prostatic neurovascular bundles after nerve-sparing robot-assisted radical prostatectomy: preliminary results of a phase II study

Riccardo Bertolo, Francesco Porpiglia, Cristian Fiore, L. Muratori, Federica Fregnan, Stefano Geuna (Italy)

14.35 O65: Video-assisted arteriovenous fistula in dialysis patients: our preliminary experience with VITOM® HD System

Salvatore Fazzotta, Vincenzo Davide Palumbo (Italy)

14.45 O84: Design of an Innovative Implant for Rib Fracture Stabilisation

Keith Mallia, Philip Farrugia, Aaron Casha (Malta)

14.55 O5: L-PFR Leukocyte and Platelets rich Fibrin in the Treatment of Skin Lesions

Giorgio Rosa, Enrico Rescigno, Giulia San Romè (Italy)

15.15-16.15 LONDRA HALL

S6 – Novel design of medical devices: from IP to Market Analysis

Marc O Schurr (Germany)

Enrico Ghia (Italy)

15.15 Keynote: Innovative hernia reconstruction through better new materials

Miroslawa El Fray (Poland)

15.35 Keynote: Polypropylene: a unique material with different morphologies and behaviours in hernia repair

Cristina Buemi, Giuliana Muzio, Alessandro Ganora (Italy)

15.50 Keynote: Clinical validation of medical devices in Europe: new regulatory challenges

Alice Ravizza (Italy)

16.05 O100: Tissuegraft: from the idea up to the market

Francesca Boccafoschi, Marta Calvo, Catoira, Luca Fusaro, Martina Ramella (Italy)

16.15 O63: An active device for high delity simulation in newborn intubation

Arianna Menciassi, Selene Tognarelli, Alessia Longo, Rosa Teresa Scaramuzzo, Massimiliano Ciantelli, Armando Cuttano (Italy)

15.15-16.15 MADRID HALL

S15 – CARDIO@SMIT2017: Whats new in cardiac surgery

Davide Ricci (Italy)

Daniel Wendt (Germany)

15.15 O6: The Development of the Hydraulic Pressure Wave Catheter

Aimée Sakes, Paul Breedveld, Joe Spronck (The Netherlands)

15.25 O16: Polylysine-enriched decellularized matrices: a promising approach for vascular substitutions

Francesca Boccafoschi, Luca Fusaro, Marta Calvo Catoira, Martina Ramella (Italy)

15.35 O51: Development of a modular suturing catheter for minimally invasive surgery: the potential for in vivo – assembly

Helge Wurdemann, Shervanthi Homer-Vanniasinkam, Jian S. Dai (UK), Estevan Hideki Murai, P. G. Silveira, Daniel Martins (Brasil)

15.45 O67: Development of a robotic platform for minimally invasive aortic heart valve surgery

Izadyvar Tamadon, Selene Toniarelli, Claudio Quaglia, Giorgio Soldani, Vincenzo Ferrari, Paolo Dario, Arianna Menciassi (Italy)

15.55 O104: Evaluation of a Multi-Steerable Catheter for Cardiac Interventions in a 3D-Printed Heart Model

Awaz Ali, Joost De Winter, Dimitra Dodou, Paul Breedveld (The Netherlands)

16.05 O114: A Beating Heart Simulator for Open and Thoracoscopic Surgery

Chengli Song, Shichao Liang, Xuesong Zhau, Chang Ma, Dick Lee, Sha Liu (China)

15.15-16.15 LISBONA HALL

S25 – Image Guided Surgery 2

Padraig Cantillon-Murphy (Ireland)

Filippo Molinari (Italy)

15.15 O8: Electromagnetic tracking can be used to accurately measure left ventricular diameter in real time: a validation study

Magnus Reinsfelt, Øyvind Senstad Andersen, John Aalen, Ole Jacob Elle, Hans Henrik Odland, Espen Wattenberg Remme (Norway)

15.25 O18: Prediction of guidewire trajectory inside the vascular system: 3D computer based model

Hoda Sharei, John J van den Dobbelsteen, Jenny Dankelman (The Netherlands)

15.35 O47: The Simulation of Catheter Interventional Surgery Based on Virtual Reality

Junlei Hu, Xiaojun Chen, Pengjie Sun, Jan Egger (China)

15.45 O19: Generatively manufactured flexible instrument guidance device and holding arm for MRI-guided interventions

Robert Odenbach, Juan Sebastián Sánchez López, Michael Friebe (Germany)

15.55 O62: A robotic approach for FUS in moving organs

Arianna Menciassi, Andrea Cafarelli, Alessandro Diodato, Andrea Schiappacasse, Selene Tognarelli, Gastone Ciuti (Italy), Andreas Melzer (Germany)

16.05 O99: Cybersecurity: IT risk perception in the healthcare. Marche Region Case Study

Barbara Kulaga, Verardino Cristino (Italy)


16.45-19.00 LONDRA HALL

S7- I have an idea! From the concept to the clinical validation

Yoav Mintz (Israel)

Amir Szold (Israel)

16.45 From the concept to the clinical validation in a start up company

Enrico Ghia (Italy)

17.00 O145: Novel design of medical devices: from IP to market analysis. How patents can foster innovation in the medical device field

Marco Camolese (Italy)

17.15 O140: Asymmetric – a novel vessel sealing technology, using low energy and a flexible Laser fiber

Amir Szold (Israel)

17.25 O36: Design requirements for surgical equipment for low-and-middle income countries

Roos Marieke Oosting, Linda Wauben, Jenny Dankelmann (The Netherlands), Reinou Groen (USA)

17.35 O142: Extending Human Xtensions from device to system: remote controlled articulating tool for MIS surgery

Amir Szold, Mordechai Sholeb (Israel)

17.45 O53: Design of a fully implantable closed loop artificial pancreas

Veronica Iacovacci, Leonardo Ricotti, Izadyar Tamaddon, Giuseppe Tortora, Carmine Perri, Paolo Dario, Arianna Menciassi (Italy)

17.55 O56: A novel microwaves tool for robotic resection of the liver

Francesco Frosini, Fabio Staderini, Margherita Brancadoro, Mattia Dimitri, Jacopo Regolini, Roberto Minniati, Mohamed Nassim Boushaki, Linda Paternò, Francesco Guerra, Andrea Coratti, Fabio Cianchi, Andrea Corvi, Arianna Menciassi, Guido Bi Gentili (Italy)

18.05 O74: From concept to design: A new flexible robotic uterine elevator

Chakravarthini Saaj, Seri Mustaza, Kavitha Madhuri (UK)

18.15 O98: Autonomous Balloon Management for Endovascular Occlusion

Padraig Cantillon-Murphy, Herman Alexander Jaeger, Cormac McCarthy, Fabian Trauzzettel (Ireland), Ian Kanterman, Alice-Anne Goetz (France), Benjamin Colvard (USA)

18.25 O33: Touchless control of a prototype light system

Louise Oram, Jonathan Brian Alcoriza, Rafael Palomar, Ole Jacob Elle (Norway)

18.35 O21: Clear orthodontic aligners biomechanics optimization through finite element analysis

Gabriele Rossini, Tommaso Castroflorio, Andrea Deregibus, Elio Berutti (Italy)

18.45 Keynote: China’s new policies for international collaboration in medical technology field

Chengli Song (China)

16.45-19.00 MADRID HALL

S16 – CARDIO@SMIT2017: New technologies in heart valve surgery

Massimo Boffini (Italy)

Gino Gerosa (Italy)

16.45 Keynote: Technological advances in TAVI

Stefano Salizzoni (Italy)

17.05 Transapical mitral valve repair: further technical developments

Giovanni Speziali (Italy)

17.20 Percutaneous approaches to the mitral valve: whats next?

Francesco Maisano (Italy)

S17 – CARDIO@SMIT2017: Organ engineering: from repair to regeneration

Mauro Rinaldi (Italy)

Francesco Maisano (Italy)

17.45 Keynote: Ex Vivo Lung Perfusion (EVLP) from evaluation to organ repair

Frank D’Ovidio (USA)

18.15 Purification strategies in organ transplantation

Mauro Atti (Italy)

18.35 New technologies in heart valve surgery

Gino Gerosa (Italy)

16.45-19.00 LISBONA HALL

S26 – New tools for laparoscopy & interventional radiology

Andreas Melzer (Germany)

Chengli Song (China)

16.45 O139: A Randomized Controlled Trial of the Fundamentals of Robotic Surgery: Validation of a proficiency-based progression robotic skills course in a multi-specialty, multi-institutional trial

Richard Satava (USA)

16.55 O136: Safety of single incision robotic cholecystectomy for benign gallbladder disease: a systematic review

Simone Arolfo, Marco Migliore, Alberto Arezzo, Roberto Passera, Mario Morino (Italy)

17.05 O94: Improving fundamental laparoscopic skills by pre-course tactile exploration

Sem F Hardon, Roelf R. Postema, Tim Horeman, Jeroem B. J. Smeets, H. Jaap Bonjer (The Netherlands)

17.15 O81: Sentinel node navigation surgery and ICG fluorescence-guided surgery for gastric cancer

Noriyuki Inaki, Teruya Minami, Toshikatsu Tsuji (Japan)

17.25 O85: Indocyanine green guided sentinel lymph node identification – a prospective study evaluating the distribution of lymph nodes respectively lymph node metastasis in rectal cancer patients

S. Shah, J. Salber, I. Stricker, A. Tannapfel, R. Viebahen (Germany)

17.35 O59: Instruments and situation awareness: main risk-factors for surgery

Linda Wauben, Connie Dekker-van Doorn, Johan Lange, Jan Klein (The Netherlands)

17.45 O147: Morphological and hemodynamic characterization of post endovascular AAA repair: comparison between two different commercial devices

Paola Tasso, Maurizio Lodi Rizzini, Diego Gallo, Umberto Morbiducci (Italy), Anastasios Raptis, Michalis Xenos, Miltiadis Matsagkas (Greece)

17.55 O105: Assessing non-technical skills in the delivery room through multisensory – based simulation

Marcello Passarelli, Fabrizio Bracco, Michele Masini, Filippo Domaneschi, Carlo Chiorri (Italy), Donald Glowinski (Switzerland)

18.15 O128: Instrumentation of an external fixator for bone healing process monitoring: preliminary results

Stefano Mazzoleni, Elena Battini, Gastone Ciuti, Cesare Stefanini, Paolo Dario (Italy), Fatima Omar Ahmed Ba Fakih (UAE)





08.30-10.00 LONDRA HALL

S8 – New Technologies for Surgery & Endoscopy

Paul Wetter (USA)

Nicola Di Lorenzo (Italy)

8.30 Current developments in Endoscopy and Minimal Access Platforms

Silvana Perretta (France)

8.45 The role of multitasking platforms

Andreas Melzer (Germany)

9.00 Magnetic fields for enabling surgical applications at different scales

Arianna Menciassi (Italy)

9.15 Reduced port laparoscopic surgery

Yoav Mintz (Israel)

9.30 5th Generation of Surgery

Richard Satava (USA)


08.30-10.00 MADRID HALL

S18 – Innovation in colorectal endoscopy & surgery

Andrea Pietrabissa (Italy)

Marco Maria Lirici (Italy)

8.30 O111: Less is more: nuovo approccio alladdome aperto

Federico Lora, Luca Petruzzelli, Mariachiara Benedetto, Eloisa Franchi, Lisa Rapetti (Italy)

8.40 O14: RED – Robot for Endoscopic Dissection: preliminary study

Margherita Brancadoro, Claudio Quaglia, Haider Abidi, Marco Augusto Bonino, Arianna Menciassi, Alberto Arezzo (Italy)

8.50 O112: Endoscopic Full thickness resection: preliminary indications and results

Franco Coppola (Italy)

9.10 O123: Pre-clinical in vivo validation of the CYCLOPS surgical system for ESD – TJC

Oude Vrielink, A. Darzi, G. Mylonas (UK)

9.20 O119: Efficacy of the Over-The-Scope Clip (OTSC) for treatment of colorectal postsurgical leaks and fistulas

Mauro Verra, Giacomo Lo Secco, Giulio Di Benedetto, Lorenzo Bono, Mario Morino, Alberto Arezzo (Italy)

9.30 O10: A novel method for intraoperative tactile examination in colorectal surgery

Rozaliia Solodova, Vladimir Galatenko, Eldari Nakashidze, Vladimir Staroverov, Mikhail Sokolov (Russia)

9.40 O95: Hands-on colorectal laparoscopic skills courses: lessons learned after 10 editions

Francisco Miguel Sanchez-Margallo, Miguel Angel Sanchez Hurtado, Josè Antonio Fatas, Idoia Diaz-Guemes, Francisco Alba Mesa; Josè Fernando Trebolle, Rocho Ferrer Sotelo (Spain)

9.50 O92 Trans-anal Total Mesorectal Excision: Pneumodissection of Retroperitoneal Structures Eases Laparosocpic Rectal Resection

Simone Maria Tierno, Gabriele Campana, Gianfrancesco Intini, Carlo Eugenio Vitelli, Marco Maria Lirici (Italy)

08.30-10.00 LISBONA HALL

S27 – Whats cool in navigation

Ole Jacob Elle (Norway)

Pietro Valdastri (UK)

08.30 O93: Implementation of natural user interface for medical image navigation and remote control during surgery: Efficiency and face validity

Francisco Miguel Sánchez-Margallo, Juan Alberto Sánchez-Margallo, Josè Luis Moyrano Cuevas (Spain)

08.40 O4: In vivo identification of liver tumors during liver surgery using electromagnetic navigation: a pilot study

Oleksandra Ivashchenko, Bas Pouw, Jasper Nijkamp, Koert F. D. Kuhlmann, Niels F. M. Kok, Elisabeth G. Klompenhouwer, Theo J. M. Ruers (The Netherlands)

08.50 O79: Mixed Reality 3D Visualization and Interaction for Surgery using HoloLens

Rahul Prasanna Kumar, Henrik Brun, Bjørn Edwin, Ole Jacob Elle (Norway)

09.00 O86: Intra-operative estimation of surgical progress by tracking instrument use

Frédérique Meeuwsen, Fabian Van Luyn, John van Den Dobbelsteen (The Netherlands)

09.10 O78: Magnetic resonance imaging compatible liver phantom with 3D printed vessels for pre-clinical assessment

Egidijus Pelanis, Louise Oram, Rahul P. Kumar, Ole Jacob Elle, Bjørn Edwin (Norway)

09.20 O66: Evaluation of a 3D planning tool for irreversible electroporation treatment in pancreatic cancer

Benjamin Eigl, Mathias Peterhans, Stefan Weber, Beat Gloor, Mathias Worni (Switzerland)

09.30 O28: Assessment of target registration error for hybrid instrument tracking for image guided surgery applications

Andrea Teatini, Ole Jacob Elle, Bjørn Edwin (Norway)

09.40 O96: An interactive approach for the semi-automatic segmentation of liver and lesions

Pravda Jith Ray, Sergio Salvatore Caccamo, Louise Oram, Ole Jacob Elle,
Rahul Prasanna Kumar (Norway)

09.50 O144: Using video-tracking algorithms of the MST robotic camera manipulator for teaching and testing surgical skills

Amir Szold (Israel)


10.30-11.00 LONDRA HALL

S20 – Gerhard Buess Lecture: Flexible surgery: the new frontier of minimally invasive therapy

Lee Swanstrom (USA / France)

Alberto Arezzo (Italy)

11.00-12.30 LONDRA HALL

S9 – Robotics for Surgery & Endoscopy

Arianna Menciassi (Italy)

Bruno Siciliano (Italy)

11.00 State of the art of robotics and surgery

Young-Woo Kim (Korea)

11.15 Is there a future in robot assisted minimally invasive surgery?

Paolo Fiorini (Italy)

11.30 Surgical robots of the future: more dexterity through variable-stiffness instruments

Kaspar Althoefer (UK)

11.45 Current developments in Operative Flexible Endoscopy: The ISI-scope

Silvana Perretta (France)

12.00 Computer vision and robotics for augmenting the surgeon’s capabilities during the intervention

Elena De Momi (Italy)

12.15 Advances in Surgical Robotics

Bruno Siciliano (Italy)

12.30 Keynote: Transanal Flexible robotic surgery: here now? Report of the first endoluminal rectal excision on human

Vincent Obias (USA)

11.00-12.30 MADRID HALL

S19 – Materials for medical devices: biocompatibility, functional surfaces

Ipsita Roy (UK)

Stefano Geuna (Italy)

11.00 Keynote: Innovative Medical Devices Based on Natural Materials

Ipsita Roy (UK)

11.20 Keynote: Science for Industry Advanced Materials for Biomedical Applications

Xiang Zhang (UK)

11.40 O41: Low Melting Point Materials as controllable stiffness mechanism for endoscopic and catheter applications

Loïc Blanc (Belgium)

11.50 O45: Towards a new patient-specific, modular aortic vascular phantom with clinically relevant mechanical properties

Helge Wurdemann, Shervanthi Homer- Vanniasinkam, Gaetano Buriesci, Andrea Palombi (UK), Antonio Gallarello, Elena De Momi (Italy)

12.00 O32: Improving functional recovery after radical prostatectomy: in vitro evidences on a chitosan-based medical device

Stefano Geuna, Luisa Muratori, Federica Fregnan, Riccardo Bertolo, Francesco Porpiglia (Italy)

12.10 O70: A novel bactericidal surface to reduce nosocomial infections improving an Italian Patent

Alessandra Piccitto, Ivan Parkin (UK), Mario Morino (Italy)

11.00-12.30 LISBONA HALL

S28 – New tools for laparoscopy 2

Calin Tiu (Romania)

Yoav Mintz (Israel)

11.00 O141: Artack: A mesh fixation tacking device with potential robotic interface

Amir Szold (Israel)

11.10 O143: Performance assessment and training using MST core software: Instrument-tracking using video analysis software

Amir Szold (Israel)

11.20 O2: Is Reduced port laparoscopic cholecystectomy any better than the gold standard? To assess surgeon stress and workload: a randomized controlled trial

Yasuhiro Ishiyama, Yoshiaki Hara, Yuta Enami, Syouji Shimada, Kenta Nakahara, Chiyo Maeda, Naruhiko Sawada, Fumio Ishida, Shin-ei Kudo (Japan)

11.30 O52: Changes in Abdominal wall thickness during laparoscopy: Implications for the Use of magnetic assisted surgery

Yoav Mintz, Noam Shussman, Gad Marom, Lisandro Luques, Ram Elazary, Mahmoud Abu-Gazala, Alon Pikarsky, Liat Appelbaum, Ronit Brodie (Israel)

11.40 O83-91: Analysis of localized muscle fatigue in single incision endoscopic surgery

Francisco Miguel Sánchez Margallo, Juan Alberto Sánchez Margallo, Kostantinos Gianikellis (Spain), Andreas Skiadopoulos (USA) 22

11.50 O135: Single-Incision laparoscopic cholecystectomy is responsible for increased adverse events: results of a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

Edoardo Forcignagnò, Alberto Arezzo, Roberto Passera, Lisa Rapetti, Mario Morino (Italy)

12.00 O121: Calore Secure Port Closure

Yoav Mintz, Jonathan Yuvald, Giora Kornblau, David Neustadter, Ronit Brodie (Israel)

12.10 O89: Laparoscopic cutting using Radius r2 DRIVE instruments: Surgeon’s performance and muscular intervention

Francisco Miguel Sánchez Margallo, Juan Alberto Sánchez Margallo, Kostantinos Gianikellis (Spain), Andreas Skiadopoulos (USA)

12.20 O39: Finite element analysis in colorectal surgery: preliminary results on the interaction between tissue and surgical tool

Robinson Guachi, Michele Bici, Fabiano Bini, Laura Lorenzon, Francesca Campana, Franco Marinozzi (Italy)


13.30-15.15 LONDRA HALL

S10 – Present and future of colon cancer diagnosis

Eiji Kanehira (Japan)

Roel Hompes (UK)

13.30 New ways for colorectal cancer screening

Carlo Senore (Italy)

13.45 Present and future of robotic capsule endoscopy

Pietro Valdastri (UK)

14.00 The ENDOVESPA project

Gastone Ciuti (Italy)

14.15 EndoMASTER, Transported and other robotic systems for operative flexible endoscopy

Philip Wai-yan Chiu (Hong Kong)

14.30 FTRD in full-thickness resection of colorectal lesions: a meta-analysis of current clinical data

Gianluca Andrisani (Italy)

14.45 Status and future of sentinel node detection in early colorectal cancer: towards organ sparing surgery

Ronan Cahil (Ireland)

15.00 Actual and future applications of fluorescence in colorectal cancer surgery

Luigi Boni (Italy)

13.30-15.15 MADRID HALL

S20 – Nanomedicine tools supporting / replacing surgery

Paolo Netti (Italy)

Enrica Verne’ (Italy)

13.30 Keynote: Materials and processes to engineering 3D viable human tissues in vitro

Paolo Netti (Italy)

14.00 ERC Corner 1: Multifunctional hybrid nanovectors: a new tool to overcome highly invasive tumor resistance

Giovanni Ciofani (Italy)

14.15 ERC Corner 2: Smart stimuli-responsive nanoconstructs for cancer theranostics

Tania Limongi, Nadia Garino, Giancarlo Canavese, Marco Laurenti, Luisa Racca, Marta Canta, Bianca Dumontel, Andrea Ancona, Valentina Cauda (Italy)

14.30 ERC Corner 3: MYKI: A Biodirectional MyoKinetic Implanted Interface for Neural Control of Artificial Limbs

Christian Cipriani (Italy)

14.45 O20: Ion-doped mesoporous bioactive glass nanoparticles as antibacterial agents in tissue regeneration

Alessandra Bari, Carlotta Pontremoli, Sonia Fiorilli, Chiara Vitale Brovarone (Italy), Joanna Shepherd, Sheila MacNeil (UK)

14.55 O23: Magneto-Plasmonic nanoparticles for photodynamic therapy

Cristina Multari, Marta Miola, Francesco Laviano, Roberto Gerbaldo, Doriana Debellis, Enrica Vernè (Italy), Giuseppe Pezzotti (Japan)

15.05 O55: Antithrombogenic nano-coatings by doping into amorphous carbon films for blood contacting medical devices

Shunto Maegawa, Terumitsu Hasebe, Kenta Bito, Masamitsu Nakaiama, Tomohiro Matsumoto, Tetsuya Suzuki (Japan)

13.30-14.30 LISBONA HALL

S29 – Diagnostic systems

Helge Wuerdmann (UK)

Marco Knaflitz (Italy)

13.30 Keynote: Advancements in Transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) Data mining using soft robotic balloon catheters

Helge Wuerdmann (UK)

13.50 O107: Detection of acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding with the HemoPill acute a set of volunteer experiments

Melanie Zimmermann, Sebastian Schostek, Mario Fode, Jan Keller, Michael Melbert, Thomas Gottwald, Marc O. Schurr (Germany)

14.10 O130: Colonoscopic Tactile Instrument to improve cancer detection sensitivity

Federico Bianchi, Enrico Trallori, Domenico Camboni, Calogero Maria Oddo, Arianna Menciassi, Gastone Ciuti, Paolo Dario (Italy)

14.20 O146: Automation in quantitative medical imaging and its role as an enabling technology

Kristen Meiburger, Massimo Salvi, Cristina Caresio, Rosaria Santoro, Francesco Angelini, Francesco Amadeo, Isotta Chimenti, Maurizio Pesce, Umberto Morbiducci, Filippo Molinari (Italy)

14.30-15.15 LISBONA HALL

S30 – NEURO@SMIT2017: New techniques and devices in neurosurgery I

Alessandro Ducati (Italy)

Franco Servadei (Italy)

14.30 From microscopy to endoscopy in the sellar parasellar tumours

Lasio Giovanni (Italy)

14.50 3D technology in sellar parasellar tumors

Francesco Zenga (Italy)

15.15-17.00 LONDRA HALL

S11 – Advances in rectal cancer surgery

Andrea Pietrabissa (Italy)

Gilberto Poggioli (Italy)

15.45 Keynote: Ta-TME & non-restorative abdomino- endoscopic perineal excision of the anorectum

Roel Hompes (UK)

16.15 Transanal Endoscopic Microsurgery: 35 years now

Eiji Kanehira (Japan)

16.35 Robot for rectal cancer surgery

Paolo Pietro Bianchi (Italy)

16.50 O138: Transperineal minimally invasive approach in Abdomino-perineal resection

Simone Arolfo, Alberto Arezzo, Massimiliano Mistrangelo, Mario Morino (Italy)

15.15-17.00 MADRID HALL

S21 – Organ repair & tissue engineering

Laura Montanaro (Italy)

Valeria Chiono (Italy)

15.15 Keynote: Redefining Identity of Disease, Tissue and Cells – A BioMaterials Paradigm

Abhay Pandit (Ireland)

15.40 ERC Corner 4: Smart bone-like scaffolds for osteoporotic fractures

Chiara Vitale Brovarone (Italy)

15.50 O3: Human Liver Stem Cells-derived Extracellular Vesicles reduce hepatic injury in a murine model of ex vivo hypoxic normothermic liver perfusion

Dorotea Roggio, Federica Rigo (Italy)

16.00 O58: Design of a socket with variable stiffness for lower limb prosthesis

Michele Ibrahimi, Linda Paternò, Leonardo Ricotti, Arianna Menciassi (Italy)

16.10 O73: Nanotechnology-Based Strategies To Treat Chronic Wounds

Chiara Tonda Turo, Monica Bo tto, Francesca Ruini, Alessandro Torchio, Rossella Laurano, Chiara Ceresa, Letizia Fracchia, Gianluca Ciardelli (Italy), Miguel Gisbert Garzaran, Miguel Manzano Garcia (Spain), Piergiorgio Gentile, Ana Marina Ferreira Duarte (UK)

16.20 O88: Injectable polyurethane-based hydrogels for smart drug release in the treatment of chronic skin wounds

Rossella Laurano, Alessandro Torchio, Monica Boffito, Gianluca Ciardelli (Italy)

16.30 O149: Collagen-based biomimetic smart scaffold for bone tissue engineering

Giulia Montalbano, Giulia Molino, S. Fiorilli, Chiara Vitale- Brovarone (Italy)

16.40 O24: Plant derived natural molecules: a promising way for surface functionalization of biomaterials in bone contact applications

Martina Cazzola (Italy)

16.50 O12 In-vitro detection of small isolated Cartilage Defects: Intra-Vascular Ultrasound vs. Optical Coherence Tomography

Tim Horeman (The Netherdalnds)

15.15-17.00 LISBONA HALL

S31 – NEURO@SMIT2017: New techniques and devices in neurosurgery II

Diego Garbossa (Italy)

Uwe Spetzger (Germany)

15.15 New intraoperative techniques for vascular neurosurgery

Fady T. Charbel (USA)

15.30 Intraoperative real time navigation and new tracers technology for brain gliomas

Francesco Di Meco (Italy)

15.50 Intraoperative CT in brain surgery

Giuseppe Barbagallo (Italy)

16.10 Intraoperative O-arm in spine surgery

Maurizio Fornari (Italy)

16.30 O151: Anatomic model for artery injury simulation in management of vascular complications in endoscopic endonasal surgery

Paolo Pacca (Italy)

16.40 O102: Clinical Use of Intraoperative Decision – making Supporting System

Yuki Horise, Kitaro Yoshimitsu, Takashi Maruyama, Yroshi Iseki, Ken Masamune, Yoshiiro Muragaki (Japan)

16.50 O115: Hyper-spectral imaging of the human brain reveals slow sinusoidal, hemodynamic oscillations at distinct frequencies

Herke Jan Noordmans, Doien Van Blooijs, Jeroel Siero, Jaco Zwanenburg, John Klaessens, Nik Ramsey (The Netherlands)

17.00 O122: The ReCIVA breath sampler for colorectal cancer screening. Preliminary evaluation and results

Donato Francesco Altomare (Italy)




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